feedback to the anonymous commenter yesterday:

  • i think anonymous commenters are pathetic losers. either you know me and don't have the balls to say something to my face or you're just some random rude wanderer who doesn't know me and doesn't really know the whole situation.
  • i only allowed anonymous commenters on my blog cause of meeja. she wanted to be able to leave comments, but never does, so i'm taking away the option. sorry meeja. i just don't like getting rude comments. if you wanna leave a comment bad enough, i can help you create a profile or something. [meeja isn't a pathetic loser, she would claim her comments.]
  • that jackass anonymous commenters said "wow, you should be sleeping on the floor. your hubby sounds like an angel." DUH! have i ever denied that? no, in fact, i think i mostly make people sick about how i go on and on about how i'm the luckiest girl in the world.
  • and i'm sorry, you stupid jackass, but no, i should not be sleeping on the floor. a)garrett would never allow that. b)i'm pregnant. and as spoiled and rotten as i may be, i'm not backing down from the fact that a pregnant girl shouldn't sleep on the floor. c)if i should be sleeping anywhere - i should be sleeping in the guest room where we have a spare bed. d)but since that's not "my bed" i can't sleep well in there, so garrett goes elsewhere. yes. i have major guilt about him not just sleeping in there, in a bed. but he chose the love sac cause it wasn't as far away. and he likes the floor now, cause it'll help him move into bed quicker & we're closer together. cause as wierd and twisted as this whole thing is, we want to be able to sleep in the same bed together. i just have major issues with sleeping & he's a nice guy who is trying to help. and i'm working on it.
  • anonymous commenter, i can't help but feel sorry for you. you're ugly. that's gotta be why you hide behind anonymity. and you're probably married to an even bigger jackass than you. you should be very, very jealous. i couldn't be happier. even with little weasels like you around.
  • finally, get a life. if you don't have something nice to say to someone - don't leave a comment on their blog. i wouldn't be sad if you never came to my blog again. no one likes you.


Holly O. said...

Hayley, how do you really feel?

garrett said...

I just love you. I love that you even made a bulleted list about it all.


The Angel (haha! couldn't resist.)

Jori said...

This made me even happier than "suck it" Hooray!!

Heather said...

I picked a good day to check out your blog, there was some spice on it!! But seriously Hayley, don't hold back so much...don't keep those feelings all bottled up inside. hahaha

Aimee said...

Note: Don't cross pregnant Hayley... she's fierce!

I bet Anonymous Commenter was a little red in the face when they read this post... because you know they are still lurking. That's the nature of the beast.