do you have a floor bed?

i spent the first year of our marriage getting a half assed night's sleep at best. then i got pregnant and said to the ol' g-funk, "if you want me to be decent and kind at all, i need to start sleeping." so we worked out a few arrangements. one included him leaving the room for a little bit while i was trying to fall asleep. guess he wants me to be decent and kind after all ;)

what started out as him going out in the other room for a while to watch tv while i got myself into a falling asleep routine turned into him falling asleep out there and not waking up til later and later every night. to the point where there were many weeks where he didn't even crawl into bed in the wee hours of the morning at all, he just plain slept out on the love sac.

while i enjoyed the sleep, i felt guilty about kicking that kid out of his own bed. he was nothing but understanding and kind about it, but while i was off track, i decided it was time for me to get used to the snoring again so we've moved him at least back into the room. so he still starts the night out off the bed [i don't know why but when he plays on his ipod while i try to fall asleep it feels like he's being a wiggle worm & i don't fall asleep] but in the room. less guilt involved for me. he's affectionally called what he makes with his blankeys his floor bed.

last night, he made me giggle myself to sleep. i love his sense of humor. his wit. seriously, i am so lucky to spend my life with him. i realize he's not so lucky - if he has to sleep on the floor now. [i try to make up for being a difficult sleeper in other areas] anyway, he was tired. i wasn't as tired. usually i'm the one that turns off the light from reading and he knows that is when he needs to move to the floor bed.

so he said. "i'm going to make my floor bed now." so i said, "ok, i'm going to pee one last time." to get to the bathroom, i have to walk over his floor bed. oh and also, i didn't have my contacts in & had been to lazy to get my glasses on. blind hayley is very klutzy, even slightly retarded. so i say, "don't worry, i'm not going to mess up your floor bed." cause he was getting himself all set up, but then the next thing i did was proceed to kick the corner up. for no good reason. i wasn't trying to, i don't remember wanting to do anything in particular - i'm just special. his immediate response was, "oh, so just a little bit?" cause i had just said i wasn't going to mess the floor bed up and then did it. and for once in my life i wasn't being a smart alec. he sounded like a little kid, he wasn't being mean. he didn't get irritated at me, he's just funny.

let me just say that it was a good thing i was headed to the potty anyway. i like him.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you should be sleeping on the floor. Your hubby sounds like an angel!

Hayley said...

oh suck it you ugly anonymous commenter. i know he is an angel.

he would never let me sleep on the floor cause he's a gentleman.

anonymous commenters are such pansies.

Holly O. said...

That was me. Sorry.

Holly O. said...

NOT REALLY!!!!!!! I am a pansy though.

Holly O. said...

And your anonymous commenter must think I'm a real gem considering my husband has to do his own laundry if he wants clean clothing.

Beth said...

I loved that you used PANSIE! It has to be one of my favorite words. I also think with a new house, you should invest in a King size bed. I can't guarentee anything, but it might help. In the meantime goodluck with the floor bed.

Hayley said...

beth, we're definitely planning on a king size bed. we're saving now for it, in fact. i think that'll help a lot!!!

Jori said...

why the face???

i don't understand why people irritate others with lame-o anon. comments. Thank you for saying "suck it" that just made me so happy.;)