curse you volcano!

volcano, i curse you because my dad is out traveling and working. and he's in places that i don't even like to begin with. i mean, in theory i don't mind their existence, but i don't like them when my dad has to go go there. currently he's stuck on one continent that i don't feel comfortable knowing he's there. cause he can't fly to another continent because of volcanic ash in the air. to get to another land that i never thought i'd hear myself say that i'd rather have him be there than anywhere. but i'd feel much more at ease knowing he gets out of where he is right now. ug. being a daughter is tough work. all of this worrying and caring. this morning, i was watching the news and i'd already checked my email and didn't have a new one waiting for me from my dad. it made me nervous. and i'm pregnant and hormonal. and so i went into garrett and told him of my concerns and he held me for a minute and just let me cry. i sucked it up and tried to be strong but i just don't like worrying. even though, everyone else will tell you that i'm probably over reacting. i try to tell myself that too, but sometimes it just doesn't get thru to me. maybe that volcanic ash is affecting my head, too. don't worry, later on i did email him saying something along the lines of "i'd feel a lot better if i had some sort of update from you today." and he complied. he might call me an uncouth barbarian, but he's usually pretty obedient.

please say a little prayer for him that he'll be safe. thanks.

[he was in nigeria. he is currently in ghana. was supposed to fly thru amsterdam to get to kuwait. is now trying to go thru dubai to get to kuwait. should be home next week.]


Hayley said...

yay! i just got an email that he's on a flight to dubai. that is good news!!!

Sarah said...

You know how painful that worry is? And how scary? And how all-consuming it can be? Multiply that by like 10,000...and that's how much you worry about your kids. I'm a worrier. And that worries me.

Can't wait to hear the gender!!

tiburon said...

I am cursing that volcano for a totally different reason! My mom and stepdad have been planning a cruise in the Mediterranean for years. They were supposed to fly out yesterday.

They didn't.


I hope your dad gets home quick :)

Suzie said...

wha? Volcano is causing this trouble?
I'm outta the loop on the news.

Hoping your dad is getting home!