why the face

some of you have heard me say "why the face" lately and you look at me wierd. here's why: modern family, of course. if you're not watching this show, there is something wrong with you.

(thanks garrett for sending me this link!)


Holly O. said...

whasup sweathog!!!!

I have FINALLY officially set up DVR. Although now I kind of want to wait for it on DVD and watch it this summer during off season. Would that work for you?

Heather B said...

I kinda kept waiting for him to say "I'm cool. I like Phil Collins." That woulda been awesome.

tara said...

dude. that is officially my favorite show on tv (with 30 rock in a close 2nd). they are ALL hysterical, but phil is in a class of his own. "whasup sweathog" still has me laughing. phill as the sexy stranger in a bar on valentines was AWESOME too. did you see the "flyza minnilli" episode a few weeks ago? can't get enough of that show.

get on it hooj!

tiburon said...

I freaking LOVE that show.

Aimee said...

Best show on TV right now... after The Office, of course! This promo is classic. :)
"'Mother' is part of the word. You never hear of anyone being sfathered to death."
I almost wet my pants through the ADHD definition on last week's episode.