"i'm cool, i like phil collins"

i'm talking to my dad on the phone right now. he's putzing [struggling] on iTunes. i like to make fun of his musical selections. he's got mason williams, the beatles and the eagles. he has been playing songs trying to make me guess what they are. go look up running bear on itunes. johnny preston. this is the kinda stuff that makes him get silly. i like him. i am excited to see him again this weekend, even if he says "five for flying" 100 years apparently always makes him cry, so "to heck with it, i'm not going to play it." don't even get him started on that eric clapton song "if i could change the world." big fat cry baby. he just called me an uncouth barbarian.


Holly O. said...

Aren't we the luckiest girls in the whole world???

Long live Classical Gas!!!!!!!

Mom said...

You should see him in his new glasses. I'm a fan of his, too.

tiburon said...

Phil Collins is cool.

And there is nothing better than Classical Gas.

Does he listen to Ray Lynch too?

Aimee said...

Ha! Your dad's more hip than mine!

Dad said...