yes or no?

some of you might know that garrett just took a new job. well, he starts monday. he's gotta write this bio about himself tonight & get it to his new boss by tomorrow. he's also supposed to send a picture of himself. he's sorta fretting about what to write & so i offered to help him pick a picture. i found this one.
what do you think?
[don't worry mom. this picture is a joke. we're using another.]

oh, and congrats on the job garrett!


garrett said...

thanks, baby! i've attached that photo to the email already. ;) now, if i could only write a bio... "garrett's favorite football team is the chicago bears..." you know THAT'S going in there.

tiburon said...


Congrats on the newjob!!!

Mom said...

I laughed myself silly. So happy for you and the new job. Way to go, Garrett.

Holly O. said...

Yay for Garrett's new job!!! I would love to read the real bio and see the real photo. Seriously, I would.

Heather said...

I'm loving that picture, it captures so much about him, perfect! Dell will love it too, I'm sure :)

Aimee said...

Yay for new jobs! Congratulations!!