a few notes to self:

  • it isn't hard to maintain a clean house, once you get it clean. [and by you, i mean my husband. he got it clean.] it just takes a little extra effort. why can't i do this all of the time?
  • i am loving the olympics. i'm sad that they're over at the end of this weekend. i loved watching last night, with the women's skating. can't watch to watch apolo tonight.
  • last night, i made my 3rd trip to the dr in 2 weeks. finally diagnosed with a sinus infection. got started on an antibiotic last night. am hoping for that to kick in by tomorrow morning. so sick of being sick. i want my nose back, i don't love this raw piece of flesh that keeps getting more raw with every tissue and blowing. what got me to the dr last night was intense ear pain. turns out, not an ear infections. crazy, since i've had actual ear infections that hurt less than this. i did the ugly cry last night trying to go to sleep. i was pathetic.
  • doesn't matter how many times we practiced our poem for grandparents' day, the kids still got nervous & had a little stage fright. i mean, they did fine, melted grandparents' hearts left and right - but, they didn't do as good as when we had practiced in our classroom 15 minutes earlier. oh well. the program was successful all in all. and now it is over, which is the best news of all. boy were they dressed nice & excited.
  • and now, i don't think i'd be sad if i never hear one of those songs again.
  • i could mess my pants. we're down to t minus 7 days. museums, food, friends, goodness. last night we started working on our agenda. i think garrett will love the museums. i just can't wait to soak it all in. please self, remember to go buck wild with pictures.
  • speaking of messing my pants... who would've guessed that i'd already be piddling with every cough and sneeze. we might be buying diapers around here sooner than we expected. i'm such a wreck. my poor, poor husband.
  • i turn 31 on wednesday. crazy. all i want for my birthday is to feel better. seriously.
  • i absolutely love friday nights. cause it means i get the next 2 days with garrett. weekends are the best.


garrett said...

That's a good list! I hope you get feeling better, too. And I can't WAIT for Chicago!!! Can't wait to see where you grew up and roam your city. Love you!

Mom said...

We are so excited you are coming. We have your bedroom ready....Now I need to bake those yummy cinnamon rolls.

Heather said...

the peeing in your pants early on is hormones, I once tinkled in my pants at some gym class I had to leave just thought you'd like to know :)It will pass only to get worse again later on hahaha it's a cruel joke I think