an awful dream

i've been having very vivid dreams lately. i don't like it. mostly if i don't talk about it, i forget pretty quick. the one i had last night was so ridiculous that i had to tell garrett about it. and he kept reminding me, "but we're married already!" and it is true.

in my dream, i was living at my parent's house still, in chicago. i haven't officially lived there since 1997, minus a few college summers. and in my dream, garrett lived across the street which obviously never happened. we were dating, but we'd gotten into our first fight & he thought we needed to break up because of it. so he broke up with me, but still came around everyday and still we dated. except when i alluded to us being back together, he'd push me away. i was so frustrated, cause i knew we were supposed to be together, but he thought that just cause we'd gotten into a fight... we weren't right. and then there was this one part where he got super manipulative for sexual favors, but since our parents could read this blog post, i'll spare everyone the details. [don't worry, mike, marleen, brad & deanne, i refused him.] right before i woke up, i'd just convinced him that we were supposed to be together, but then heather came in from a run & the conversation was dropped and then i woke up. [geez, heather - why do you always have to interrupt my life with your runs?]

and all day, the stupid, needy me keeps saying/texting him, "don't break up with me!" cause i just felt sick about it. i'm supposed to be with him & even in my crazy a$$ pseudo dimensional world, i knew it. i'm a whack job. and i don't like my dreams as of late. and sweet garrett, he's just trying to avoid me being mad at him, because of a dream. poor guy. and as a side note, why do a lot of my dreams lately involve me/us living at my parent's house? maybe it is cause we're going to my childhood home in march, i don't know. it is crazy. i could tell about at least 2 more dreams that were set there recently... but i won't. count yourself lucky tonight.


garrett said...

Don't worry baby, I didn't break up with you. I married you! And it was the best decision of my life.

(like how I avoided addressing the manipulation for premarital sexual favors? Because I wouldn't do that, either. ;) )

Holly O. said...


And I have a reason for your vivid dreams...

Mom said...

I have found it best not to dwell on dreams. I'm so happy sometimes when I wake up and realize it was all a dream.