background information:
  • garrett hates to have his belly button poked.
  • i hate when people bite their finger nails.

i came out of the bathroom tonight to find garrett sitting on the floor [cause he had just gotten off the treadmill] with his finger in his mouth. i yelled, "are you biting your nails?" and he covered his junk in defense. he lowered his head. he knew he was guilty. immediately i was in his face, threatening to punch him in the junk. we negotiated. i settled for being allowed to poke him in the belly button. he counter negotiated by saying that i couldn't do it for as long as i wanted, only til the count of three.


i made him lay on the floor, shirt up just a tidge. then i made him sweat it out for a minute or so. you'd think that i was plucking toe nails. he begged & pleaded for me to hurry/not do it at all. when i finally did it - he gagged. it was great. i laughed til there were tears.


be careful when you marry someone who figures out your "finger nails on the chalkboard" weakness especially when it's one of my favorite things to do. and don't bite your finger nails in my presence. sorry garrett.


garrett said...

I thought you'd describe the struggle a little more. I told to just do it, then even the thought of it made me gag, so I'd say not yet... It was torture! But I laughed until I cried, too. Don't worry, I still love you. ;) I just love having fun with you. And more importantly, i learned my lesson.

tiburon said...

Atta girl. You show him who's boss!

Maren said...

Oh my gosh, this has me laughing soooo loudly in my office. I can TOTALLY picture this!!

Suzanne said...

This is like the slap bet on How I met your mother. You have to pause before you apply the punishment to really get the most out of it!

Holly O. said...

Only G-Funk would actually let you enforce that!

Judd Family said...

So funny. Wish I had more funny stories like that.