my manifesto wrap up

i finished that book. it was interesting. honestly, not my favorite book i've ever read... i'll admit i skimmed some parts. but i really did like the author's voice. great voice. [funny that we're doing voice in writing right now at school. too bad my 2nd graders wouldn't get this book.] i loved his sense of humor. i'm going to share a few of the pointers that i got out of the book.

  • buy whole foods. not processed foods. if we're shopping at the supermarket [which is where i shop... i have yet to branch out into the land of farmer's markers, but i'd like to] we should be shopping the perimeter of the store.
  • anything labeled "healthier" or "new & improved" probably isn't & we should avoid. we need to focus more on moderation and portion control. as we've just joined weight watchers again, portion control is a big part of my life right now. it's not that i can't eat certain things, it's that i just shouldn't eat the whole pan of it. baby steps here.
  • eating mostly plants. i definitely realize that i need to do more veggies. i'm going to make a goal of trying a different/new veggie every week. this week i'd like to re-try spaghetti squash. i've had it at my sister's before & really enjoyed it. in this area, for me - it's about branching out.
  • don't scrimp on food - it's a big investment & an important one. i use coupons, but everyone knows that coupons are mostly for things that are processed foods. i'm going to try to take this to heart. i'm going to try to save money on toiletries with coupons & focus more on buying fruits and veggies and the basics while at the store.
  • food i buy at the store should have no more than 5 ingredients and i should avoid high fructose corn syrup. karo syrup. which i fell in love with this winter with all of the caramel goodies. it's a good thing we don't eat caramel all year long. at least in 2010 we won't be.
  • he also talked about keeping eating & food social. we shouldn't be eating in the car, or at our desks, etc. since marrying G, that's been an easier one. but sometimes we eat and watch tv... i'd like to focus on eating and talking, not eating and watching. eating isn't supposed to be just to survive, we're supposed to enjoy it.
  • we shouldn't eat anything that our great grandparents wouldn't recognize. we need to get back to the basics. frozen dinners - while convienent, not something my great grandma would've made.


Katey said...

I like this. I totally want to read that book. I'm on a eat a lot different phase these days. No processed foods, try to buy organic and very little eating out. I LOVE spaghetti squash and I actually have some in the oven as I type. It's delicious. Good luck with the WW's!!! :)

Beth said...

This is great! I read a book called the china study that had a lot of similar traits. He was a little more extreme in the sense that it said everything we eat should be plant based...I like to stick with the word of wisdom on this and eat meat sparingly. Its funny when I tried thinking of meals with no meat, I had a very hard time. But I've definately tried to cut back our meat meals to about 2 times a week. It's tough, but sooo good for us! good luck!

Heather said...

You got a lot out of that book. Good points!! I do love that book myself, and I do totally get his "voice" I know what you mean. He's good. Not confusing, he totally makes sense.

Mom said...

Those are great suggestions. I have heard some of them before. Now I just need to do it.