i'm a bull

i couldn't breathe last night. both of my nostrils were completely plugged. and while it was plugged, it was also leaking. so finally i just got my bullring o' tissue out & shoved it up my nose. yes that's right, i rolled a tissue & inserted one end up each nostril. leaving me with a bull ring o' tissue. the night before, i just had tissue shoved it up one nostril. i even trimmed it down with a pair of scissors, so i didn't have just the little wad up my nose & the rest just sitting there, touching & bugging my face. last night that wouldn't have cut it. i hate raw nose. it stinks. in case you wondered. last month, bronchitis was all in my lungs, but i could at least breathe. through my nose holes. this week, it's all in my head. and i just want to think straight again.

it makes reading out loud really hard. it makes caring about getting caught up on grading papers really challenging. it pretty much makes anything to do with school difficult. i don't think i've mentioned it on my blog yet - but a student teacher started working with me on monday. her first day was the only reason i got out of bed yesterday. it is strange having someone in the room all day. more strange having someone react to what i say when i say it wrong. having a cloudy, coldy head isn't the best way to start off with a student teacher - poor her. if only i could bull up at school. instead, i just keep wiping and wiping. [blowing doesn't really work, dad - sorry.]

hopefully we both survive.


Suzie said...

I'm so sory you are so full of snot & boogers.
But I truly, 100% love you.

that ought to help a little.

Heather B said...



Holly O. said...

Shoot. You need breathe! It never ends!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom said...

Hope you are better real soon.

Beth said...

ha ha ha I can just picture those tissues hanging out of your nose. Not laughing at poor stuffed nostrils...just the image! Hope you feel better quickly!

Kai and Amy said...

I hope the bull leaves soon! Thank you for all your comments and support on my blog. I really haven't done much but post but I wanted you to know that I am thankful for you:)