a few christmas goodies

garrett got me a new charm. i love it.
some oil from hojo & a cookbook from neddie. watch out the oil is hot & will numb lips if consumed through the mouth, without a straw. information we should've gotten before we drank. we're not too patient. we have since found out that we should be rubbing it on the bottom of our feet. yay for preventative oils to keep us from getting sicker! oh and, the potato skins from the cookbook are a new staple around here.
my dad got me the stacking dolls in russia. and garrett has his transformer toys.

this is just a small selection of some of our christmas goodies. as we were cleaning the house today, i decided to take a few pictures.


garrett said...

Best Christmas I ever did have! Thank you so much for my new transformer toy. ;) And everything else you got me for that matter. The very best part, though, was getting to spend it with you. Love you.

Jori said...

I love that cookbook! It is great. I should have bought Ryan those transformers, he would love those too. I am so glad you had a great Christmas!

Holly O. said...

That is a good haul!!! Oil on feet. Oil on feet. Oil on feet. I think you learned your lesson.