feeling a little sheepish

so, i just want to say thank you to everyone for the support. comments, emails, phone calls... they've all made me feel a lot better. i have to admit though, the best thing is just having garrett's arms around me & his whispers of "everything will be all right, we'll make this happen." i love that man. i also love my friends and family, thank you. what i've realized is this: lots of people have gone through this for a long time & most of them eventually get what they want. i didn't mean to whine so much, i was just having a super emotional few days, but am better now.

i tell you, birth control balances out my hormones [& helps my skin] in a much needed way.

i'm sorry i was whiney.


Holly O. said...

I didn't even think it was whiney!

garrett said...

I almost sorta cried... I love you, too, Hayley girl! (If anyone makes fun, I'll punch you in the face. I might cry, but I can kick YOUR ass if I need to.)

Jori said...

I didn't think it was whiney either. It's hard when babies don't come when you want them too. You are a sweetheart and you have a great husband. Everything will come together for you.

Jan said...

I didn't hear it as whining either - just have faith and know that someone much smarter than any of us is in control.


Tiffanie said...

i have been down that road (and continue on it), and it sucks. there isn't much anyone can say to make it better, it just sucks (sometimes a good cry on your bathroom floor helps - just sayin'). i am glad you have Garrett, he is awesome. cry, scream, throw a fit, whine, whatever. you are allowed.
love you!