acrostic poem

Has lots of hair
Accident prone
Yawns when tired
Early riser
Yells during football games

written by my students and me. they gave suggestions, i made some improvements:

has lots of hair was suggested as hairy. i clarified that i do shave my legs. he was just talking about the fact that i have a lot of hair on my head.

accident prone was suggested as has lots of accidents. i wanted to say "no, honey - you do!" but i didn't. i don't piddle myself [often] i think they're talking about being clutzy, cause i am that.

yawns when tired was yawns a lot. cause i had just yawned. and i am tired today.

lovely was just lovely. i have a new favorite student in case anyone was wondering.

early riser was gets to school early. today i did. about 7.20.

yells during football games was yells during school hours. that too, but let's not talk about that so much.

it is good to be back in school. they surely keep me on my toes.


Holly O. said...

I think my favorite is hairy. hahahaha

garrett said...

My favorite is lovely. Oh my goodness, you're lovely!!!