why do sundays have to end?

i survived halloween.

i was dressed as granny may from word girl. kids - young kids - thought i was a geisha. how in the world do they even know what a geisha is???

i can't believe it is november. this year has gone so fast.

i love the holidays, especially christmastime. i can't wait for it. time with family, a break from school.

i don't love driving in the snow/ice. i tend to crash.

i'm fighting a cold. my eyes are a little goopy still. my throat keeps getting sore-ish. i'm a little achy. of course, for conferences...

this week is going to be long, stressful, and hopefully successful.

i'm glad halloween is over.

time to break out the mocha choca latta yaya. momma surely does enjoy hot apple cider & mint hot chocolate.

i like asking why questions when trying to keep garrett awake. it's fun. except when he stops playing. guess i better get off the computer & read, so i can fall asleep so he can legally fall asleep. if he falls asleep before me, i'll be bugging him about snoring & that's not fun for him. good night.


garrett said...

I try to answer the "why" questions, but when they get to the detail of describing gravity and why planets circle the sun, I tend to be a less reliable source.

Let me know what I can do to make the week less stressful! I'm glad we got to break out the mocha choca latta yaya this morning for some hot apple cider.

Love you. I hate the end of the weekend, too.

tara said...

OHHHHH the snOOOOOOORING! jeff gets worse and worse. He'll wake himself up PISSED that he is snoring while i'm still reading. it's funny until i actually try to sleep.

Hope conferences are great!

Beth said...

Can't beat the Choco Latta yaya! I do enjoy me some hot beverages as well. stay well and kick butt this week with confrences!

Aimee said...

Ha! I had to laugh at the sleep order part... that was totally my rule, too (before the cPap)... no going to sleep before me!

Heather said...

I love my choco maker too, yummy. I might to get that bad boy out tonight! Why not I played christmas songs tonight.

Heather said...

I still don't know what Granny May looks like. I need pictures.

tiburon said...

Avery was a geisha last year. Came up with it all on her own. Not sure where/why.

I wish there was photos....