thanksgiving wrap up

the way to this girl's heart is anything Ha-Ha. aka Princess stuff:
hanging out. being silly. altogether good fun.
the food was amazing. as always.
we went on a roadtrip friday - to get Rocky. the cutest little golden puppy ever. i'm so excited for christmas now. thanksgiving really got me in the holiday mood.

tonight, i made a delicious dinner while garrett put up our christmas tree.
in case you were wondering - yes, i did completely biff it yesterday at the airport while trying to go up some stairs. no, i can't kneel on my left knee anymore. i also have a bloody knuckle. and tonight, as i've sat here & loaded pictures, putzed & blogged, we've sat here in the dark listening to the ipodular on my christmas playlist and sipped some frango mint hot chocolate. too bad no fireplace. it has been a completely lovely evening. [you should try that soup. thanks tara.]


garrett said...

Such a good weekend!! Glad I got to spend it with you!

Holly O. said...

I can't wait to try that soup! And the kids look so happy, as does Heather, about Rocky.

tara said...

don't get a dog. TRUST ME.

that looks like a fantastic thanksgiving. Heather's girls are both getting to be so beautiful!

glad you liked the soup. it's seriously no fail!

Heather said...

Good times good times! Love you.

Jori said...

I can't believe how big Hope is! Wow the kids have all grown up so much. I'm glad you had a fun time.