quick catch up

carpet pictures are coming. at some point. i do love it though.

i went back on track today - school has been crazy. i fought with a copier & it won. i swore at it. then accidentally slammed the library door shut. pretty sure i offended a couple of people. i meant to shut the door, just not slam it. i wanted to rant at the machine in a little privacy.

after school i plan to: pick up my new glasses. exciting. i should wear them tonight as a dust storm was terrible for my eyeballs yesterday. they're so bloodshot, i look high. also, mail off some mary kay. i love new customers. and i almost always stick an extra treat in with an order. today i am sending a lip gloss. then i'll go home to cook up some yummy teriyaki chicken to take with me to book club tonight.

can't wait for: tomorrow night. no plans so far. we might get unpacked from another camping trip. yep, i camped twice this last month. we might go for a walk. we might catch up on a few tv shows. we might just go to bed really early. last week was incredibly busy. whatever we do, i'll just be happy to be home with my boy.

as soon as tori posts/emails pictures, i'll share some pictures from this weekend. camping was so much fun - even though they tried to torture me with heights & cliffs.

i hate when i can't find stuff tracking back on. missing right now: my daily schedule stuff. i have the little pocket chart guy, just can't find the papers to go in it. and my kids have no idea what we're doing next. so frustrating.


garrett said...

I can't wait to do nothing tomorrow night! I can't wait for you to come home tonight, too. We might actually get a couple nights to just enjoy how our house looks and bask in the panted and carpeted glory. :) Love you. Hope you find those blasted papers!

Holly O. said...

Have you decided what you are going to do on that wall? HAHAHAHA.

Hayley said...

holly, we're going to go with the palm tree sunset one. but i kinda want to do the waves crashing one, too. maybe a collage?