a little about my dad

[picture stolen from hojo's blog]

i'm told not all girls have dad's as amazing as i do. i'm told some dads aren't that interesting, funny or responsive. i wouldn't really know though. my dad has always been entertaining, supportive, and involved.

i know i've said this before, but my dad rocks. i love him. i'm especially grateful for him lately, as he's been taking extra good care of my momma.

about a month ago, my mom's back went out. 2 new herniated disks and arthritis in her spine. she's been flat on her back. she was in the hospital. she's been in miserable pain. she's finally starting to feel a tiny little bit better. she can walk around a little bit. she can sit up for a little while. she can at least be alone during the day.

my dad has cooked, shopped, cleaned - not something he doesn't normally do but i think still deserves a little extra notice, nursed, kept the house in order. basically he's learning what it's like to be wife. all the while, he's been working full time. his attitude has been positive and helpful. usually even cheerful, if not a little sassy. [what's new, right?]

i'm so lucky to have my dad. my mom is so lucky to have my dad. thank you dad, for putting up with all of the girls in your life. and for being an amazing dad. and husband.

and dad, i didn't just post about you today because you've been giving me grief about always talking about how much garrett's my favorite & you're not anymore. you're a safe 2nd .. until i have a kid. hahaha. will you be able to handle 3rd place? mom, can you get him into therapy? not an announcement.


Tori said...

Aren't dads the best? I think my dad is pretty awesome too. I hope my girls will think this about Garth as they get older. Right now I'm pretty sure they think he is pretty cool. What a nice post. I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing better. See you this weekend!

Suzie said...

Yeah. I pretty much adore your dad now.

Beth said...

I can tell you have fabulous parents...just from the stories you've told.

Holly O. said...

Dad. He's a goodie!