the fake lei

me & my real lei. oh yeah, nicole, too.

many people know that i lived in Hawaii for a few years during college. yes, I am a proud graduate of Brigham Young University - Hawaii. loved my time there. loved the beaches. loved the lifestyle. love the friends i made there. i was a pretty preppy, uptight girl when i moved there. i was walking onto campus my first day in doc marten sandals & i quickly learned that you don't wear anything more than slippers there. i also learned many of the local customs... and became irritated with mainlanders who cheaply mock some of the hawaiian ways. for example - the fake lei. i had hawaiian roommates and we often got a beautiful lei for special occasions. boy, do they smell delish.

last week, one of my friends, nicole came to visit. she is hawaiian. when she came, she brought me a lei. it was gorgeous & smelled heavenly. and it made me beyond homesick for hawaii. she noticed that there are a lot of fake lei's hanging from people's rear view mirror. now, i can't stop noticing them. and i can't help but think they're tacky & cheapify people's cars. if you've got one - they don't look good, i promise.


kate said...

My big sis also attended BYU-H and met her hubby there..I visited her twice, lots of fun! Love the laid back way of life there.

Christy said...

I have a fake lei in my car and I love it.