september 12th

our world changed on september 11, 2001. i had never heard of osama bin laden before. i was scared. my dad's job was greatly threatened, "the family business" was permanently altered. luckily, i didn't lose a loved one... but i think everyone was affected.

i loved the rallying together that happened after that. democrats and republicans - we were all just Americans for a while. sometimes i miss that "big picture" aspect. i loved the pride we all felt in our country.

i'm thankful for the armed forces, who protect us.

i don't remember crying everytime i heard children sing patriotic songs before, but i know i do now. some days, just saying the pledge with my class chokes me up. i am proud to be an American.

i still feel such a reverence for that day.


Jori said...

You are awesome Hayley.

Mom said...

I watched some television footage of 9/11 that I had not seen before. You are right it is something we will never forget. I think that is how our parents thought of Pearl Harbor. Thanks for your comments.

Holly O. said...

The family business really was altered. Damn terrorists.

Heather said...

I remember I had just put Hunter on the bus for school (kinder)I just couldn't believe what I was seeing! It was a terrible day. It was nice how the country bonded together, too bad it took such a terrible thing for that to happen.

tiburon said...

Totally agree!