i don't know where she was...

i called my mom & left a message this afternoon. she wasn't home & i didn't know why not. my message went a little something like this:

"hi mom, you must be at work or at a movie or something. just hope you're not out working the street corner."

she called me back a little while later. she said she laughed til she cried. i just like keeping her entertained. she can be such a priss - i mean, she only likes picnicing with a light jacket... but she's got a great sense of humor.

p.s. don't worry dad - she wasn't on the street corner.

p.p.s mom, wipe that prissy look off your face. you know you're doing it.


Holly O. said...

You are absolutely right, she had the priss face on.

Mom said...

I did indeed. Thanks for entertaining me.

Heather B said...

I'm totally gonna start saying that to people. and I'll call you in the morning about your question.