a ? for my fellow local internet users

so, i've had comcast for the last few years, because my community uses comcast for cable that we get with our HOA. so i've always just used comcast because it was just easier. but lately, the cable modem has been driving me insane. luckily garrett's around to putz/fix it because i swear, i would've thrown it & broken it by now. i have a tendency to physically beat things into submission. i have definitely used a few colorful words about it. garrett's asked me a few times to not say certain words...

well... garrett called comcast last night, mainly cause i think he's tired of hearing me swear about it. they're sending out a repairman today. free of charge - yeah, like i'd pay for them to come fix their own problem. like free of charge is supposed to be some sort of grace they're giving me. suck it comcast.

i mean, if i were doing something wrong, i wouldn't mind being charged for my own faults. just like if you don't pay a bill, they cut off the service. i'm not disagreeing with that. but if i've paid my bill & i'm not doing anything wrong, it is your fault, you fix it. and don't even think about charging me for it. or i'll punish you. hello, tmobile?!?

in the meantime, i decided to do a little threatening to the comcast peeps... cause i don't forsee this really solving the problem for me. and i decided to do a little research behind my threats, so i'm not making empty threats & i don't continue to feel frustrated... i can take action.

here's what i found:
we could switch to qwest & save $15 a month. who uses qwest? have you been happy with your services? i guess at this point i'm kinda thinking: even if they're not super reliable, at least we're saving $15 a month, right?

basically, comcast has one last, half hearted chance from me. i kinda want them to fail, to give me an excuse to switch & to start saving. stupid stupid cable modem.


garrett said...

I started asking around at work today, too, and the only thing I've heard is that Comcast internet it way faster than Qwest internet... but if we don't actually have times where the internet is down, I think it would be a fine trade off...

The other thing (and I've experienced this firsthand as well), is if we tell Comcast we want to cancel because of price, they will usually bring the price down. So if we can get them to fix it, maybe we should still call and tell them we're not happy with the price, and they'll lower it for us. If they don't lower it, we can still go to Qwest and save some $$.

I feel no loyalty to any TV prvider... give me service that works and doesn't cost a ton is alls I'm sayin'.

Holly O. said...

Well, my friend and dear sister, we had Qwest down here for about two years before I said to hell with it and changed. The internet went down CONSTANTLY. The moden had to be repaired/replaced several times. And I know I am not the only one amongst my friends who had the problem. And I am shocked to learn you will save money. Down here, at least, Qwest is outrageously more expensive. I save buttloads now that I switched to cable internet. Qwest has several hidden, additional fees.


I've said my piece.

TheFirstWard said...

Our experience has been just like that of Holly O's. Qwest was very undependable, many hidden fees, started raising therir prices continually and very hard and rude when we called them for service. And their connection is much slower.

Better the devil you know?

Hayley said...

good to know. good to know. maybe they will just be empty threats. and maybe we can get comcast to lower some prices!

Emily said...

I hate

The internet goes down all the time. The people on the phone are not helpful and make you repeat the same troubleshooting steps over and over and over.

They bill you for like 230948 extra charges.

Every time I call people tell me different things. I'll think we've got everything sorted and then I get another bill that's wrong and I have to call and deal with it again. Half the time the people seem to know and are apologetic and the other half of the time they're rude and unhelpful and don't understand.

I canceled mine (talking to a real person) last month and thought I was finally done, and I got a bill a week ago. Huh? And then a couple days ago the internet started working again (I hadn't put the router away yet and I noticed it when I had my computer open.) What?

They charged my bf -$6 per month for his DSL. Finally caught their mistake after like 8 months? Just shows they're suuuper not on the ball

Jared said...

Doesn't Qwest use Comcast for their internet service? The only reason I'd switch to Qwest is if I was bundling with a home phone (and who has one of those anymore?) Why don't you Verizon lovers use Verizon for your internet??? We looked at it before we got our home phone and Wi-Fi with T-Mobile and it's only about $20/month. I don't think that works for the TV, but then who needs all of those channels anyway?? :)

Hayley said...

true enough, Jared. i'm not getting a good vibe about qwest... but the verizon option is something to look into, so i have more ammo! maybe i'll be making a phone call today.

Judd Family said...

We have qwest--not a fan. I always feel like we are having trouble with our bill. And it takes forever to talk to anyone on the phone.

Did my mom get in touch with you about the Chicago reunion in Salt Lake in November? Not sure where exactly you are living now, but you are in Utah, right? Anyways, she would love to spread the word to any and all. Hope you are doing well! My parents both mentioned seeing you and how it brought back memories of when we were "young". I think they meant younger, but you get hte picture.

Vanda said...

I will NEVER use Qwest again. Internet was down multiple times through the couple years I had it. Then they sent me to collections twice after I cancelled when I had already paid. Remind me Monday and I will tell you details. My opinion...don't switch to Qwest. Have a great weekend!

tara said...

qwest is a giant turd.

don't do it.

we have comcast internet and phone and while they annoy me from time to time (billing changes...$@*!) the internet is SOOOOOOOO much faster.