a week later - where am i?

last weekend, garrett and i recommitted ourselves to our goals. i'm updating where we are a week later, just so i can realistically stay on top of it... or not be fooling myself into thinking that i'm doing it when i'm not. so... here goes.

on the topic of eating - doing much better. we went to costco & haven't eaten out all week. we got lots of fruits and vegetables & are trying to eat it all before it goes bad. i haven't even had school lunch - garrett's been making my lunches. we even took dinner to a girl i visit teach who just had a baby this week. whoa nelly.

on the topic of exercising - hasn't happened yet. and i know i need to start making it a higher priority, but i came down with a now sinus infection [not in my lungs anymore, it is just in my head.] and we were getting caught up on other things. i plan to make that the big item on the list this week. i'm actually wanting to do a p90x workout. what the?

on the topic of budgeting - caught up. this feels great.

on the topic of couponing - all clipped up. this also feels great.

on the topic of household chores - laundry is 90% caught up. meaning - it's all been done. i just have to finish putting my stuff away. and fold towels. even the sheets got washed. if only i didn't hate putting laundry away. [and emptying the dishwasher, but that's a whole 'nother story.] i mopped the kitchen floor... gross. it had been too long since i did that & i was so ashamed of myself. we did get the front door painted though - that needed to be done & now it looks great.

if you consider that 3 nights of our week were consumed with costco, door painting & taking dinner to a ward member, we did really well. while i didn't get everything done, it was a very productive week, considering i came down with another head cold. i'm ready for my body to get used to the germs of my new students.


Emilia said...

I hate emptying the dishwasher too!!! Don't know why but I hate it!!! :)

MiaKatia said...

My husband cleaned the house today, does that count for me too?

Aimee said...

Baby steps...

You can do it!