waiting forever for this reunion

saturday night we were able to get together with one of my old friends. my second year at Ricks, i had an fhe brother that became one of my favorite people. his name was/is Joe. the summer i moved here, joe got married. the last time i saw him until saturday night was 8 summers ago on his wedding day at his wedding reception. i didn't mean to lose touch with him, but it happens.

so for the last 8 years, everytime i talk to old Ricks people, i have said, "do you know where joe is?" to the point of bugging at least one person. [he irritatedly said, "if i ever find joe, i'll tell you. until then - shut up about it!"

good ol' facebook reconnected us a few months ago. so saturday night we all had dinner. me, garrett, joe, his wife & their 3 little girls. i really liked his wife, too. since this was only the 2nd time i met her, i wanted to like her so that we could all be friends & luckily for me, it worked out great. [i mean, how could i not like her - she married one of my favorite people, she's gotta have good taste, right?] plus, their little girls = darling.

i had my camera with me & had intended to take pictures, but unfortunately forgot. maybe next time.


Karyn said...

aw...joe! He just added me as a friend & I was pretty happy about it. glad you finally caught up with him!

Kai and Amy said...

I love reconnecting with old friends! How fun for you!

Heather said...

Reunions can be so fun, good ol facebook!

Holly O. said...

I bet you had fun!

The Fletchers said...

Kind of crazy that one of your favorite people lives a few doors down from me. Crazy. Anyway, I found your blog as well, and had fun reading through your posts.