reactivating & revamping my plan for this ol' body

i warn you now if you don't want to know very personal, private information about me, you might want to skip this post. and you surely don't want to click on any links in this post.

so... i had a dr appointment yesterday afternoon. it was the 2nd part of my yearly physical. my insurance changed to g's when we got married & i had yet to find a new dr. the one that i did find was a brand new office, just barely getting set up. so, they couldn't do the whole physical when i was there before - they didn't have all of the equipment. but i got my blood work done & so when i went back yesterday to have the rest of the fun done, the dr went over my blood work with me & finished the physical. the first time i went, i saw a man dr & he was nice enough. yesterday, there was a lady dr & i must say i was very impressed. she sat and went over blood work with me & discussed a few other problems that i have. she made notes & made suggestions. she was concerned and i felt like she was genuinely interested in helping me solve these problems that i have. i left feeling motivated to get back in control of my diet & to do the things that i need to do to keep from having a heart attack in a few years [my cholesterol is high! for the first time ever. which means all my meals of french fries & chips and salsas - down the drain.] and/or from becoming a diabetic [my triglycerides are high, too...] i left there with a few prescriptions to fill & a list of some other things to pick up & try. and if i'm a lucky enough girl, soon enough i should not be constantly suffering & in pain.

this new dr restored my faith in the medical profession a little. she gave me hope. now i just need to remember i can control a lot of the factors & that i won't be able to be as lazy as i have been. oh yeah, and i need to exercise, too. come to think of it, i think i hate her now. maybe i'll go spend an hour on the treadmill though.


MiaKatia said...

Having a good doctor who cares and listens makes all the difference in the world. Enjoy the treadmill ;)

Mom said...

Wow- maybe I should go see her for motivation.

Shelley~Maren said...

Ya know, I've come to not mind the treadmill so much. What I do mind is seeing the skinny b*&$#%s with fake boobs, and long hair (and they don't even tie it back at the gym! wtf!) who are "working out" and not even breaking a sweat. I'm bustin' my badonkadonk every freaking day, and I end up sweating buckets. BUCKETS. And I'm supposed to attract folks looking like that? Oh I don't think so! lol

I was there like an hour and a half today, interrupted twice by phone calls, but I didn't mind... I got to hang out with Alan and his daughter for like 6 hours this evening. :)

Anyway, totally hijacked your comments section. Good luck with your health issues, and diet, and exercise, and all that stuff.

Does Weight Watchers make all that big of a difference? I don't think I can afford it... but food is the biggest issue for me it seems... now that I'm at the gym 6 days a week for at least an hour... ya know?

Feels like this should be an email it's so long. Sorry about that! Love ya Hayls! Keep up the good work! ;)

rychelle said...

i'm having a hard time finding a doctor i like and trust and who shows compassion. i'm glad you've found someone who fits the bill.

Jenny said...

What happened to your links? I was so excited to show Shad. ;) I think you and I were separated at birth. I just had the same dr. appt., cholesterol and all. You'll have to send me the name of your doc.

Heather said...

I clicked on the links the other day, nice pictures on the roids one ;)