ode to kimmy

a couple of years ago, i became friends with a new teacher at my school. well, really we didn't become friends until her second year here, but i kinda scoped her out for a while. she seemed slightly cynical, slightly sarcastic, hardworking, hilarious, and like the kind of teacher i wouldn't mind being associated with. [yes, it is true, if i don't respect you as a teacher, i don't want to be friends with you so much. i am that rotten. and there are plenty of reasons i won't respect another teacher, but that's not the purpose of this post.]

kim gets my sense of humor. she cracks me up on a daily basis. she's an incredible listener. she's generous. she's one of the few people in my life that don't bug me, and in fact never has. sadly, that is a rare trait with me. there are many other characteristics about her that i'm sure i'm forgetting right now. just know that she's wonderful.

today she helped me out of a pinch for something i forgot to do at school. it was a small little favor, but it was incredibly helpful to me. it reminded me what a great friend she is & that i'm thankful i have her in my life. this summer we've spent lots of time together at the pool, while we were both off at the same time. it has been so much fun for me. since i got married, we haven't spent nearly as much time together & it has been refreshing to have her comments making me laugh til sometimes i lost control of bodily functions.

i hope everyone has a kimmy in their life.


garrett said...

Thanks, Kim, for being such a good friend to Hayley!

Heather B said...

She is pretty fun. And funny. Remind me why she doesn't have a blog?

Mom said...

Nice to have good friends. Sounds like you found one.

Holly O. said...

I like Kim too, even if I barely know her.