down and out

so for the last few weeks, garrett's been extremely busy with work. and since there's always work for me to do, i've busied myself with work too. some nights we have worked late at our works, come home & had a fast dinner, then proceeded to work until 11 o'clock or so. only to turn around and start up the next morning again. it has been a long past couple of weeks, let me tell you.

we've eaten out a lot. cause it's easier to grab something on the way home than it is to worry about what to make, and to take the time to cook... you get the picture. i'm sure this doesn't help my weight issue, but what do you do? and if anyone lectures me here, i'll punch you in the baby maker.

i think all of this work has taken its toll on me physically. i've had a cold. i can't seem to get rid of this obnoxious, unproductive cough. at least i've been sleeping well. every few days, i feel feverish and just achy. i've also been more grumpy than normal. i can't be bothered with doing laundry or cleaning. i mean, garrett will throw a load in when he needs underwear & that's about it... we're kinda in survival mode. poor garrett. in so many ways.

the good news here is: i'm liking my class more. they're still pretty young & immature. but they're getting the hang of how we do things. they're sweet kids, for the most part. i really like some of the things we're doing this year.

now if only life could slow down a little. i need a break. or at least one night where we're not either working til way past my bedtime or doing something else.


Mom said...

Hope you can get some rest. Maybe this weekend won't be so hectic.

garrett said...

I hope we get a break soon, too! I'm sorry you're so sicky. :( I think this weekend will be a good opportunity to recharge the batteries. Love the hell outta you.

Kai and Amy said...

"I'll punch you in the baby maker?" You are hilarious.

I remeber working long days like that my first year in Hawaii- plus I had a long commute. I never saw my hubby, gained a lot of weight etc, etc . . . for my next two years I decided that I wasn't going to let school be my life. I worked through all my breaks and I broke my back during the day to get things done and occasionally had to stay late but, I had to make a rule not to bring school home because as you well know- you can do school work from dawn until dusk and still have more to do.

I hope you feel better soon and I am glad that you like your class.

Holly O. said...

How's about if you come down to St. George to relax by the pool?

Hayley said...

i got "i'll punch you in the baby maker" from garrett.

and amy, i usually am pretty good about not bringing work home, but in the beginning of the school year, i tend to bring stuff home, plus if garrett's going to be working all night, i might as well. that way i'm not sitting there bored & he's more productive, cause we sit by each other & work together.

Heather said...

Hope you are getting a break in there today.