this is too good not to share!

so, with my couponing & stuff, i now follow in google reader a bunch of blogs who give me all kinds of ideas. i've listed those blogs on my sidebar, down at the bottom. this blog posted last week about getting a really good deal on sunscreen. seeing as how sunscreen isn't cheap & it is summer, i decided it was worth it for me. just got back from walgreens - and yes, i surely did get 2 bottles of the coppertone sunscreen for $1.98 each. well, basically. i have a $10 register reward coupon for next time i go back. i'm liking walgreens more and more!

here's what you need to do:
1. morally commit to protecting you & your loved ones from the sun. decide to what degree you are committed [we're committed to a 30 around here] and then procede.
2. go here to print 2 coupons for said product. in the bottom right corner, unless you're blind, you'll see a "save $5 now" liner. click there, you big dumb animal.
3. take your coupons into your closest walgreens. find 2 bottles of your nutrashield liking.
4. take coups & bottles to nearest cashier, which for me is always the makeup counter... those crazies at walgreens can't handle my coupons at the regular registers. give them product, then coupon. at the end, with your receipt - a $10 r.r. will print out, too. don't leave until you get that one!!! it's a biggie.

and wah-lah. you've gotten 2 bottles of sunscreen for $1.98 each. and you should be very happy with me. well, really with it's hip to save, but whatever. i'm just living proof of it. so, suck it & don't burn!

p.s. i don't mean to be so sassy. i think i'm just excited for the death cab concert tonight!!!


Holly O. said...

You don't mean to be so sassy? Since when?!

Mom said...

What is the death cab concert?

Shelley~Maren said...

I like sassy Hayley. I hope you had fun at your concert last night! Death Cab for Cutie rocks! :) And your mom is cute!

Jori said...

Whoohoo! Thanks for the tip. I buy this crap by the truck load so it's nice to get a bargain.

MiaKatia said...

30?!? We use 50-70 round here and we are 1/2 to 1/4 Mexican! Thanks for the tip, we use sunscreen by the truckloads too.

tiburon said...

Hey thanks - I am all over it :)