a little sale...

earlier this spring, i had a little mary kay sale. turns out - that was so much fun, i decided i'd do it again. this time, i'm offering a 20% discount. just go to my website, prepay with your card - i'll make sure that you get the discount. as always - free shipping. this is a good time to stock up on your skin care. this is a good time to also try some new makeups. feel free to ask questions, i've tried lots of stuff & i'm plenty opinionated and not afraid to share.

oh yeah, sale ends SUNDAY, July 26th.


Kai and Amy said...

I just had an MK sale too:)

Your pregnancy story is so funny. I have two resposes for that question.

1.) No, but I'll make sure to do some extra sit ups tonight, thank you.

2.) No My husband and I have been try every day twice a day, but it just isn't happening, any suggestions.

Mom said...

Good time to check my supply. I will get back to you asap.

tiburon said...


I need to order a few things! :(