the evening that wasn't planned

i got a little sunburn on my tummy yesterday. little enough to feel sick enough today that i took it pretty easy. all day long. i'm making this small, cause i'm sure to get a lecture from my mother. [my cold is better, as of yesterday - so of course, i need to do something else, right?] so today - i was lazy. i didn't do much, besides reading, watching tv, napping... that sort of thing. garrett was instructed to hurry home from work so he could get in some laziness with me. he did. but then liz called & asked if we wanted to watch bradley for a little while, while she went out on a little date with madeline - and of course, we did. she dropped of the lil' guy & i got to kissing & snuggling him right away, 2 of my favorite things to do with him. i took a bunch of pictures, too. i'll share just a few, mainly cause it's late & i am tired:
[seriously - look at that nose, from the side view. how stinking adorable.]
[garrett couldn't resist. can you blame him?]

[he was telling me all sorts of stories. so sweet.]

then a little while later, my grandma called. they were in town, spending the night at my sister's house. she wanted to know if we'd come over & visit. hmmm... sit and hold bradley all night or visit with my elderly grandparents, whom i don't see very often. it was a tough choice, but i decided to go visit with my grandparents. i kissed that baby goodbye & went on my way. about an hour later, liz came to get bradley & garrett came over to visit for a while with my grandparents, too. it was a nice little visit. my grandpa shared stories from his childhood & i know my grandma enjoyed getting to know garrett a little better.

all in all - this night wasn't at all what we expected of it, but it turned out quite nice. i only wish i could've held that boy longer, he was pretty delightful.


Shelley~Maren said...

Sometimes those are the best evenings. I had one last night myself. Ended up at Steak n Shake with Alan and Ella. So fun.

That last picture of Bradley is adorable! Lookit that wit-o mouthy! Pinch him for me next time you see him!

My Utah trip is fast approaching! We need to plan something, somehow!

Holly O. said...

I'm glad you ran over to see G & G, I'm sure that meant a lot to them!

Jamie said...

he's a cutie...what a nice night. Best of two worlds :)

Jori said...

Cute baby!! I want to smooch his cheekies. Hey what's with a arm burn and tummy burn? I may need to come hurt you a little bit.

rychelle said...

babies tell the best stories. ;)