can i go home yet?

hi. my name is hayley. i survived the first day of school. without dr pepper!

sadly, i will say that this class is going to be much more difficult than last year. but not as bad as the year before that.

i have a little girl in my class that is going to struggle with authority all of her life. she wants to control everyone around her & gets frustrated when that gets her behind. i have a little boy who is just plain ornery. i have another little boy who talked at me constantly... his desk will promptly be moved.

i do have a bunch of darling, smart little kids too though. [luckily for the stinkers, they're cute, too.] it won't be as easy a year as i had last year. but, if i were to go back & look at my first day impressions last year, i'm sure i didn't think they were all so dandy. they needed my training. i am prepared to train.

why is it always so shocking & overwhelming to me that they come EVERY year like this? they talk more. they need to show me everything. they can't sit in their chairs the right way. every year, i'm dumbfounded. yet every year it just takes me a while & then i'm over it. where's my while?

hey, i might just have good stories to blog about like i did a few years ago. that's how i'll see the bright side here - good blogging opportunities.

p.s. only one little girl cried today, but i hear she cries often & it wasn't my fault... well, she wasn't crying as a direct result of something i said to her. it was someone else bothering her.


Holly O. said...

Is this the first first day of school without DP? Impressive, my young sister. You'll have them whipped into shape by the end of the week. Or at least by the time you go off track again.

Suzanne said...

Hehehe, sounds a lot like my day. I've got some weird ones this year but lots of cuties too. Focus on the cuties and think of the blog material from the others!

Hayley said...

but i can't complain too much. Garrett came with me to school this morning, just cause i wanted him to see my new room. AND he brought home some roses for me tonight. i love him!

garrett said...

Congratulations on surviving the first day! You're awesome. And the best teacher I know. Those kids will soon be trained and they'll figure out how lucky they are.

Love you!

Mom said...

It will be a good year. I just have that feeling. They will learn to love you and be sad at the end of the year.

tiburon said...

Hooray for making it through the first day.

I really don't know how teachers do it. I can barely stand my own kids - let alone a strangers...

Aimee said...

"Hi, Hayley."

Challenges are good for us all... here's for having the energy to tackle them!

When you're back on the DP bandwagon, have you tried Cherry DP? Currently my bev of choice... can't get enough!