our new temple

Saturday night we after we spent the day doing our "chores" we cleaned up and went to the new temple open house. It was lovely. I can't wait for our temple to be open for us to go and worship in. [not that there aren't others close by either]
I love being in the temple with my husband. Makes me want to spend more time there, that feeling.

This temple is exquisite.

I loved the design.

I also might've loved the cookies afterwords, too.

Mostly, I just loved spending that peaceful time with Garrett.


garrett said...

I loved it, too! Spending time with you is the best. In the temple is even better! And I totally agree, it's a very beautiful temple. Can't wait for it to open!

Anonymous said...

We're hoping to make it to the open house, too. This is such a wonderful opportunity and blessing. We weren't able to make it to the Draper Temple open house...we just missed it.... We're happy you're close by to enjoy more than one temple in your area.
Eliane & family, NV

Shelley~Maren said...

oOoOOoO! It's still going to be an open house when I get there in July! I soooooo wanna go! I've never been to one, it'd be such a great opportunity to go! YAY!

Holly O. said...

I'm thinking I want to get up there for the open house! And let Connor have a look-see. Hmmmmmm.