my mom would say: Question -

are you a fan of a few smaller posts or one giant one covering many topics, often known as "the catch up" post? this post is one of those lotsa topics ones.

what do you use to edit your pictures? a very generous donor recently sent me a photoshop elements disc, but said disc doesn't seem to work on my windows vista 'puter. [saddish tears rolling down my cheeks.] so i've been putzing more and more with picasa3 & liking what i'm finding. also, i recently found picnik.com & am enjoying that. contemplating looking into getting the "premium" package, but don't know if i could justify it.

enjoying the new dave matthews album. listened to him on the today show today & might've cried a little. i don't know, it's been a hard week... he was a little wierdish [drugs or drunk, i'm not sure] but his music is classic. moving, if you will.

i've been not feeling fabulous this week. uti, me thinks. although i don't know because the dr never got back to me with test results. i will say that i slept most of wednesday and thursday away... today i have big goals - running 2 errands & lunch with garrett. let's just hope i have the strength for it. i don't like wasting my off track time being sick. today i'm finally feeling a little more perky. i might do a bra & makeup combo... sure to knock any one's socks off. i know - i've got such ambitions.

[generous donor, your name has been omitted not because i didn't want to give you credit, but because i didn't want to get you in trouble in any way shape or form]


Shelley~Maren said...

I like catch-up posts... That's what 10 for Tuesday is all about... although somedays it's just BS cause I don't have 10 things to catch everyone up on.

I mostly just edit pics with irfanview (resize, crop... not in-depth editing), for tricky stuff I use paint.net, it's pretty good for being free. I don't do fancy schmancy photoshop edits though. My pics are low-key. Picasa is cool too.

When do you go off-track for summer? How long is it again? Hope you get your errands done today. (feel better!)

Holly O. said...

There is no trouble. I didn't steal that disc or anything, it came with a computer, I think. It didn't work?!?! I'm so sorry!!!

buttercup said...

I like multiple short posts to read even though I sometimes write long posts. I've heard Picasa as good editing software that you can download for free.

buttercup said...

I like multiple short posts to read even though I sometimes write long posts. I've heard Picasa as good editing software that you can download for free.

rychelle said...

i personally like posts to be short n sweet. but, i don't mind an occasional 'spill your guts'.

i want to get photoshop when i get a better camera, but until then i use picnik. it's not really that expensive, which is why i like it.

MiaKatia said...

I use picasa3 and I like it well enough, but I would love photoshop.

My husband always seems to get sick on the weekends. I used to tease him that he just hated spending time with me... but really it is because it is the only time his mind/body will allow him to be sick since he is so driven to keep it together the rest of the week. May be why you get sick when you are off track, your body has the time to just take a day.

Hope you feel better!

Heather B said...

The "bra and makeup combo" bit seriously made me laugh out loud. While my kiddos were testing, so thanks a bunch. Try to have a good rest of your off track. :)

Heather said...

I like Picassa myself I have Photoshop and never use it, crazy huh? picassa is "Heather" friendly, yikes :)

tiburon said...

Is it bad that I have never been a DM fan? Is that a deal breaker?