my boy

[this post isn't about bradley - although i realize he's adorable in this picture. and yes, i realize that half of garrett's face is cut off in the picture, but what you can see - captures his goodness perfectly.]

i've been saying momma likey for years... what kills me is that recently, he's started saying daddy likey. he's hilarious, i can't get over it. i love that we have another weekend ahead of us to enjoy... they're the best. [again, do not take this as a hint of our impending parenthood...]


garrett said...

I love the free weekends, too! Daddy likey. :) love ya.

Shelley~Maren said...

You guys are like ying and yang, only it's not black and white, the whole thing is gray, cause you fit so well like puzzle pieces! I love it!

Suzanne said...

I have yet to get to know Garrett much but he does just project a happy, confident, warm feeling. Mommy lucky!

Heather said...

hahahaha that made me laugh a little bit too, not sure why!!

Jared said...

You said, "do not take this as a hint of our impending parenthood."

Does that mean that there is an impending parenthood, but you are just not hinting about it yet? If so, when will you give us some hints of your impending parenthood? Maybe you could give us some hints about when you might hint at your impending parenthood.


Hayley said...

dear jared,

suck it.

love, hayley

p.s. there is no parenthood of any sorts.