must do report cards

doesn't mean i don't have another 100 things on the agenda tonight.

doesn't mean i want to do anything productive.

if i must say goodbye to these kids, i just want this week over with.

too much moving. too much filing. too much rushing to hit deadlines. too much dust from not rotating for a whole year!

i need to spend a few days relaxing at the pool. oh wait, i will be doing that this weekend.


now, on to my report cards. wah.


Heather B said...

Ditto. See how I'm checking blogs instead of doing grades?

Suzanne said...

Me too! Me too!

Holly O. said...

Pool time!!!!

garrett said...

You can do it!!! ...put your back into it. ;)

Hayley said...

a little before 10 pm - done with report cards. that included an evening of dinner & a trip to the grocery store. yip.

Jenny said...

Report cards are definitely something I don't miss! My license lapsed this month. Sad, eh? I should have kept it up, but I couldn't face stepping into a classroom. :) I am so glad you had such a good class this year. You deserved it!!! And the farmer tan looks awesome.