lists of foods...

tonight as we sat at the table having a mighty tasty meal, we discussed things we used to do as kids that involved our eating habits. mine was mostly about things i wouldn't eat. garrett's was sweet - like asking his dad to eat the ends of his corn on the cob so he'd have handles. [i sooooo would've loved him as a kid. adult hayley wants to bite the hell out of child-sized garrett]

here's a little list of things that i came up with that i would not've have touched with a ten foot pole... and now, it's no wonder that i'm a chubbette/porker. cause there's not much on the list that i don't like.
  • deviled eggs
  • sour cream
  • cottage cheese
  • cherries - just didn't like maraschino ones. and only tried normal ones out last summer. duh!
  • asparagus, and let's face it - aside from lettuce, corn, & canned green beans, pretty much all other veggies. although i still don't love squashers, but i can down 'em.
  • baked potatoes - really they're a means to an end, including item #2 on this list.
  • kielbasa sausage
  • tuna
  • dr pepper. yep - it was high school before i liked that guy. as a kid, i preferred grape soda, or even cream soda. ick now on the cream soda.
  • hmmmmmm... the list seemed way longer in my head - i might need to come back to this later. if you happen to know me well & can think of something, let me know, please.

a few things i've never had a problem with:
  • ranch
  • steak [combined with ranch, especially]
  • ice cream, including root beer floats
  • oreos
  • milk
  • french fries
  • tacos
  • hot dogs [chicago style, of course]
  • bacon

[i know this list is probably completely silly of me to share, just be glad i didn't post about another little conversation that we had: naming our kids after our cabbage patch kids' names that we had as kids. seriously - mona is a cute name. don't worry - still not pregnant. just sayin']

ok, as this is my 3rd post for the day, i'm going to try to be done. whoa. it's like i've got blogging diarrhea.


Heather said...

I'm liking your list! You are funny. You had never tried cherries until last summer, really? WHHHHY? I love asparagus, have you noticed how it makes your pee smell?

tiburon said...

I think you know what a picky eater I am.

And how I feel about lists.

This post is right up my alley.


MiaKatia said...

I still can't eat eggs ewwwwww gross. But I love cherries and asparagus, but not together.