lagoon wrap up

on saturday, we were able to go to lagoon. jared and liz were able to make it up there for the day, too. it rained like crazy though. we stayed under the pavillion for quite a while after lunch during a huge down downpour. so we stayed slightly drier... for a few minutes. we ended up not staying as long as we had originally planned - the longer it rained, the colder & wetter we were. but we did hit a few rides, including the: ferris wheel, the samurai, the roller coaster, wicked, bumper cars, cliffhanger, and my personal favorite - the rock-o-plane. it was nice to finally come home and warm up. oh, garrett's winning a ds lite at the luncheon wasn't too bad, either. let's just say that i think garrett's work rocks right now.


garrett said...

one day we'll have to go back and close the park. :)

p.s. look at you with all your fancy photo editing! daddy likey.

Mom said...

Your camera does do a good job but I'm sure the shooter is the one with all the tricks up her sleeve.
Lagoon is fun. I have been once with Heidi years ago. Too bad about the rain but you made the best out of it. Sounds like a very nice company day.

Holly O. said...

I still thinks it is pretty cool you won an electronic. (How Ned does that sound?!)

tiburon said...

Every single time I have been to Lagoon the Samurai is closed.

Makes me sad.