"i think my face hit the tubes... it tastes like rubber!"

big fat argggggggg tonight. about a month ago, i noticed that our washing machine was leaking. garrett got busy getting his friend roy to come help fix it. everything was all good until tonight... i went to switch a load & noticed more water. not good.

i could've gotten pissy. instead, garrett crawled back into the hole & became victim to my camera & giggles. here's hoping that he got it fixed.
what... he was totally wearing black shorts.
brief interruption - jared called. yo whatever.
trying to get out was fun too... at least for me.
the title of the post is something he said tonight. that kid kills me.


garrett said...

...yes, I was TOTALLY wearing my favorite, only-one-color-even-in-photographs, black shorts!

here's hopin' that worked, huh?

Tori said...

I love the censorship! :) Hope he fixed it.

Heather B said...

P.S. I miss you and I'm glad you are coming back on track. :)

Carter Fam said...

you guys crack me up!

Holly O. said...

Excellent photo editing!

Katey said...


tiburon said...

I freakin love that pic of squeezy Garrett.

It rocks.