a few basics about me

  • i grew up on coach purses. and lately i've been starting to crave a new one, but just can't justify it. that makes me saddish. but i still can't justify it. i've been carrying my current one for the last 2 years. it's huge. before this one [which was an accident] my purses were all tiny. i would go through my closet and use oldies, but i don't know if i could go small again.
  • i also grew up on shoes. i'm not too picky - but i do have a few favorite brands. so long as they're not payless, we're good. since hawaii, i have simplified, but still - i have sooooo many different pairs of flip flops [aka slippers]
  • i have difficult hair. i don't lovey. when people compliment me, i have to remember to be polite & say "thank you" because i could pretty much always list off at least 3 complaints about it. wirey, frizzy, uncooperative jerky hair. but the girl who currently does my hair is fabulous - i highly recommend her.
  • i also have cysty skin. mary kay has helped tremendously, but hasn't solved the problem completely. but nothing has - i've tried it all.
  • i don't think i've ever really felt pretty. i knew i was ugly growing up. i went through some really tough phases. and while i don't feel as terrible as i did back then, i still don't feel pretty. but i don't feel ugly [usually] either. but i've always judged people not on their looks, but on their personality, etc... i'm glad that i do that.
  • i love books. i like many kinds of books for many reasons. i could spend my life reading.
  • also, i like music. many different types depending on the mood. thank heavens for ipods. and for genius! seriously never imagined i would get so much enjoyment out of an ipod - but i do.
  • i miss traveling. i grew up on airlines. it is strange to me that i haven't been on an airplane since december.
  • CHICAGO will always be my favorite city in this lil' world.
  • i may be outspoken. i may be loud. i may tell you if you're pissing me off. but the people that really know me, know i can be shy, that my loudness is often a defence mechanism, and that i'm not a party girl. i really do like small, intimate relationships the most.
  • i never fathomed this kind of happiness in my life. i had a lot of great things going for me. i saw a lot of married people - some extremely happily married, some struggling... i'd heard how happy some were, i'd heard how miserable some were. honestly, i thought the happy people were wierd & i didn't want to be in the situation the miserable people were. being with garrett on a daily basis, just doing normalish things - make me feel like "this is the best day of my life" because we can do nothing of importance, but no matter what, we're having a good time. the times when things aren't easy, or i get upset - usually it's me... not him making me mad. me having an issue with something & he is wonderful about just fixing it so that i'm happy again. such a lucky girl. so happy. he is the best person in the world for me & i'm thankful.
what about you... tell me some basics about you. i like getting to know people's core...


garrett said...

I love you, Hayley!!! And think you're beautiful. And you married the right guy to like shoes. And I'd probably give in to getting a new coach bag.

But mostly I just like being with you, doing anything at all. Love you!

100 Percent Cottam said...

love your list and love that you're so happy!

my basic is that i know a lot of people and are friendly with a lot of people, but there are only a very FEW people that i count as my really good friends, and even fewer of them are outside of my immediate family.

i love humor and love to laugh, but i only like VERY mild sarcasm. i can't take over the top sarcasm.

i hate to have things on my schedule. i like to keep it wide open and then to call someone at the last minute and say "let's meet at the pool!". it doesn't work as well now that i have kids. you have to plan a lot more.

i'm a total homebody. i'd rather stay home and watch tv shows on the dvr than go out and watch a movie.

i'm not very good at persistence. if it doesn't come easy, it's probably not for me! :)

rychelle said...

i love lucky purses. coach bags always seem so tiny to me.

i have a ton of shoes, but i don't do heels.

i have super fine, flat hair. blech.

i think you are adorable.

i'm so glad you found garrett. i hope to find my bff-husband too. :)

Holly O. said...

You got the green light. Go to Park City PRONTO.

Mom said...

"I have four beautiful daughters" and my mom had five. Enough said.

J+S said...

confession: I was so intimidated by you when I first met you because you were beautiful and funny and had the whole teacher thing down.

Aimee said...

This quote from "Best in Show" sums up how I still feel about being married to B:
"Leslie and I have an amazing relationship...We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about."
That's the best part about finding the absolute right person you're supposed to be with... you have a blast doing nothing at all!

I'm not really a purse person... used to be that if it didn't fit in my pocket, I didn't bring it. I really only ever carried one to work. Going crazy carrying a diaper bag now! But, I'll eventually get over it.

I have cysty skin, too. I.feel.your.pain.

I enjoyed reading your "basics"... I think I might have to write a similar post, as the blog slowly morphs out of being all about C.