coming at you from the bathtub

the good things about today -
  • a new neice was born. can't wait to meet her.
  • went to a training class about a new grading program we're going to use next year & actually really liked it. the program i mean. please the teacher was from wisconson, so he had a fantastic accent; made me a little homesick for my cheesehead neighbors to the north.
  • my mom & dad are finally back and had a great time... plus i got to talk to my dad today. [neddie rushed off to work & i didn't want to call 'n wake her tonight. catch you 'morrow ned!]
  • we hit al's & walgreens with coupons galore tonight. got lots o' free sh*t & saved tons o' money. i mean tons. have you figure out register rewards? if not, you need to!
  • got to see george at said training. george used to be my school's custodian. seriously - best custodian in the world. and he was a good friend of mine. he still works for the district, but now at the district offices. i love going to that building for for classes, cause i get to see him. he offered me a dr pepper, but i even turned it down. can you believe it?
  • got to spend my evening with garrett... the cutest kid in the world.
the bad things about today -
  • i'm officially back on track. which really isn't too bad - i love my class this year & am already starting to miss them. only 3 more weeks with them... we've come a long way - so much progress that i'm really proud of. but let's be honest here... going back on track is still going back on track.
  • the havoc that 5 guys is wreaking on my system tonight. let's just say i'm soaking things as i type. it ain't pretty. i've been doing a lot of cringing. yes, t.m.i. - but as outspoken as i may be, thank your lucky stars that i'm holding back sooooo many details right now.
  • i've also had a headache pretty much all day [don't worry hojo - peppermint treatment has helped it. but i didn't have it all day long]
  • did i mention diarrhea? oh, i guess i did. but since i had to do it in a public place tonight, it gets mentioned again. so there. momma needs some reprieve.


garrett said...

So sorry about your list of bad things. :( But I'm here to take care of you, babe. Hope you start feeling better soon.

J+S said...

gotta love George. Don't you miss his whistling? That was one of my favorite things about school. I have not had a chance to enjoy 5 guys yet (Boston is intolerant to peanuts - he would have a reaction similar to yours.)

Aimee said...

question for you regarding register rewards... does stuff like that work very well if you're married to certain brands? i see pics on blogs all the time of the loot people score practically for free... but, what if I don't use VO5 or Ban?? (we're not "picky", just particular.. ;)
like your random lists... very entertaining, except for you feeling sick, of course.

Holly O. said...

I could take care of those stomach problems too. In a heartbeat.

Jared said...

"Dear everyone in the world. I am currently soaking my sore pooper. Love Hayley."

You crack me up! Congrats on the coupon shopping. Liz scored about $110 in groceries for $30 yesterday. I don't think we will ever need to buy salad dressing ever again, but she got some other good stuff, too.

I hope you are feeling better. If not, try clicking here.

Hayley said...

holly - i don't think you could solve my problems with a little oil, but sometimes i wish i could.

jared - it's worse than just needing a little prepH. but thanks for the laugh.

Holly O. said...

The oil is called digestzen and it works miracles. I have seen it first hand!!!

MiaKatia said...

So sorry about the upset tummy. I hope you are feeling better today.

tiburon said...

Bad things suck.

Good things rock.

Never thought I would see 5 Guys on a bad list though...

Mom said...

I love the peanuts at 5 Guys. Do you think I could go there and order a soda and just eat peanuts?
Glad you had such a good day. Sorry about the other stuff.