as excited as i am for a little break

i'm also sad about it.

may/june/july is my very choppy time of year, calendar wise. i have two three week breaks during this time. and i fully enjoy them. don't get me wrong. [although the 2nd three week break is really only a two week break, cause i work one of those weeks, i just don't have students yet.]

but. and this seems like a giant but to me this year - i'm not ready to be done with the kids that i have right now. sure, there has been struggle. sure, some of these kids are going to go into 3rd grade still below grade level... but they have made huge amounts of progress, every one of them. and - they have by far been the nicest bunch of kids i've ever had the privilege of teaching. i haven't had to deal with behavior problems... the boys - not too naughty, just the right amount to keep me entertained. and the girls - have played nicely and been sweet. even the parents have been good. [minus one unfavorable one, but she hasn't been in my hair too much.]all year long.

classes like this don't come along every year... and they surely don't happen 2 years in a row. i'm a little nervous.

guess i'll just have to try and enjoy the break. and the last 6.5 days i have left with these kiddos.


Suzanne said...

So true. I love my little ones this year! I'm really sad at the idea of them moving on. For the first time, I'm getting an idea of how parents must feel to see their kids grow up and move on. And the third grade teachers are telling me horror stories. That said, I am ready for summer!

Mom said...

Maybe you can get Suzanne's class.
It will be a nice rest and who knows 2 in a row is not impossible.

MiaKatia said...

I do not get the whole on track off track thing you so in Utah. We are still on the 9 months of school schedule. Enjoy the little kiddos and have a good break.

Kai and Amy said...

It is hard to let go of the (almost) perfect school year. Here's to wishing next year is just as good:)

Kai and Amy said...

Oh yeah- I sell Mary Kay too! I love that stuff!