sunday morning garrett update

He didn't sleep very good last night. I was so out of it that I wasn't much help. He was feverish a few times... I don't know how high, but he was clammy & uncomfortable. He got confused on what meds he was supposed to be taking when & I don't know if that's why he was off - I will be more alert tonight & will make sure he's taking the right stuff at the right time. We're off to Bradley's blessing this morning... Other than that, we're going to come home & take it real easy. He's feeling tired right now, a little sore in the abdominal area. The hospital last night suggested that he come back in for one more IV dose tonight, unless he was feeling tons better. From the looks of it so far - we're going back in tonight for another 3 hour trip for a 30 minute IV bag. Fun times at our house. I don't care about the 3 hour trip if it helps him get better though. We've got friends and familiar faces at that ER now... there's been talk of having a BBQ to keep in touch. ;) Keep him in your prayers - he's fighting this infection & it's not fun for him. He will go in Monday or Tuesday to visit with the surgeon, too...

In the meantime - Happy Mother's Day to all m' Ladies! especially my favorite momma!!!


Mom said...

Hope he is doing better by afternoon. You both really have been through a lot over this.

tiburon said...

I know the feeling about friends in the ER. The admitting lady at Primarys said to Ethan yesterday "OH! You got your hair cut!"

That is pretty sad :(

I hope he keeps getting better and better :)