some enchanted evening

Last night we babysat Madeline & Bradley so that Jared & Liz could celebrate their 10th anniversary. Alls I can say is - I hope Jared and Liz had half as much fun as we did. Those kids were absolutely delightful.

No joke - Madeline & Garrett played playdough for 3 hours. I loved listening to their conversations. What an uncle to sit there and "bake pies" for 3 hours. She was in hog's heaven. I kept falling more and more in love, too. She would bring me treats to try. He would send me sweet text messages... it was lovely.

I read. I snuggled. I even managed to get a nap in with the boy. If he wasn't napping, he was smiling.
I don't think my evening could've been more enjoyable.


garrett said...

It was pretty fun. Mostly I just like spending time with you. It was a nice added bonus to have Madeline and Bradley added to the mix. Love you.

Mom said...

Now that is a good guy playing playdoh for 3 hours. I only know one other man that would do that and he is your father. Have to tell you how slim you are looking in your picture. Glad you had such a good night.

Heather B said...

It could possibly be more enjoyable if they were your own kids.

I'm sorry, Hayley, I can't keep it to myself anymore what a cute mom you are going to be one day!

MiaKatia said...

Oh Hayley you are in trouble... Napping with a baby on your chest is a sure fire way to make you baby crazy ;)

Hayley said...

mia, officially i've been baby hungry since i was about 5. i've always loved them & always hogged them. everyone in my family knows that... someday, my dear, someday.