probable update

we're hoping that garrett gets to come home today from the hospital. he had the drain put in for his abscess... he'll have to come home with it in - for who knows how long [until it stops serving it's purpose & draining, actually]

he seems to be feeling better, but keep in mind he's on painkillers. yes, my parents have lectured me a few times about how he needs to be getting off of them & yes, while i don't want him to develop an addiction - i'm going to keep letting him take them especially while he's in the hospital. plus, call me new wave-ish, but i personally think that anyone with an extra hole in their side deserves to have a little pain killer. and yes, i do enjoy messing with him just a little bit when he's high.

this has been painful for him, exhausting & worrisome for me, but i think we're finally on the mend to getting better... for real this time. at least i'm going to keep my fingers crossed & do a few prayers. i just want my boy better!


garrett said...

your boy just wants to be better, too! i really just want to be back home already! don't worry, i'll stop taking the meds when i don't need them. while i like the pain relief, i don't so much like the not being in control of my actions.

Jan said...

I'm keeping you guys in my prayers - -hopefully he will come home, recover totally and all will be well!! You both need this to end!

rychelle said...

as long as the pain killers are serving their purpose (killing the pain), he should be fine on them.

now, if he still insists on taking them 6 months from now......different story.

Holly O. said...

Too late. He's already addicted.

tara said...

fingers crossed hayley! you need your man at home with YOU.