off track agenda

  • exercise daily.
  • get caught up on mary kay paperwork
  • change my name at the district. (its the only place i have left)
  • substitute when possible - to earn extra mula.
  • read read read. i wanna read the last few harry potter books again, along with a few other books. i also want to listen to wicked on my ipod - maybe during some of my "projects".
  • work on a few school projects for next year - planning for the next year is probably my favorite part of the whole year.
  • dusting the blinds at the house - after 5 years, it's well past time to do it.
  • sweeping out the garage.
  • building food storage & preparing for where it will go in our house.
  • helping my sister, heidi out wherever possible.
  • taking nieces and nephews to the park and playing.
i really like going off track. this time around, i hope it is mixed with a few relaxing days, along with a few productive days. and i might allow myself to sleep in a few times.


Katey said...

Can I go off track too??? I want to do all those things!

tiburon said...

There is nothing on your list that rhymes with Schmiburon...

What do we do about that?

garrett said...

gonna be some good times for my hayley girl. enjoy your off track time, babe.

rychelle said...

sleeping in is my favorite thing IN THE WORLD.

(i really enjoyed seeing wicked on broadway, but i did not enjoy the book)

Hayley said...

katey - of course you can!

tib - we'll do pool dates... maybe a lunchie or 2.

garrett - my favorite thing is being your girl.

rychelle - i would LOVE to see wicked. and i've heard that about the book, but am going to give it a try.

Heather said...

Sounds oh so nice.

Elizabeth Ward. said...

Can you schedule holding my baby in there some where? He would really like that. Me too.

Holly O. said...

Liz just said the magic words. Nothing else on that list is going to happen now that you have the go ahead to sit and hold the baby!

Mom said...

Sounds like a busy time to me. Some fun stuff mixed with some work. Enjoy....