it happened so fast, i'm not sure i believe it happened

i spent 5 hours with my parents yesterday. they flew in quick & accomplished quite a bit. as soon as i was done at work, i joined them at heidi's house. as soon as garrett was done, he came and joined us too. we all went to my niece and nephew's piano recital. i love seeing my parents, even if it is never for long enough. my dad is doing pretty good - i almost punched him, just cause that's the way we roll. luckily i didn't. he's still recovering from his shoulder surgery, you see. and now the trip is over, they've moved on, and i'm back to missing them.


Kristi said...

Awww, I love that picture of you and your Dad. You're too cute. And that you were able to spend some time with your parents. Even a quick visit feels like a blessing!

Mom said...

We enjoyed every minute. Never enough time together.

Suzie said...

Your family pretty much rocks.

so glad Garrett is better. worried about him probably too much for a mere stranger.