i'm rotten. but really, i do care.

when garrett was sick, i cared. i worried, i babied, i fussed. i took his temperature often. i cleaned wounds, even when i wanted to vomit. i gave him whatever he wanted. i tried so hard to make him comfortable. i even roughed up a nurse a little. or maybe that part was just in my imagination, but i was ready to!

so tonight when we had to go to the harmons to get some milky & a quick trip to the redbox, i didn't mean to run over his toe. i was just trying to get out of the way, honest!

but i might still be laughing about it. he yelled out "oh! damnit!" i laughed [my heiny off] all the way out of the store, in the parking lot, and in the car on the way home. poor guy. he's married to such a jerk.


garrett said...

You forgot to mention the lady and the guy that were waiting in line at the redbox that also laughed. I think mostly because you were laughing so hard! It's ok. It was pretty funny, once the pain subsided.

Heather B said...

Did you run him over with the car or the cart? Hope you didn't break his toe, because you know he won't tell you that it hurts for at least another week.

And in response to your comment about me being an "easy stick?" You are naughty. And I like it.

Hayley said...

it was a cart & it was a flip flop wearing foot... so bare feet.

and again, i'm laughing about it - just thinking about it.

rychelle said...

"it was pretty funny, once the pain subsided"
ha! love it. ;)

tiburon said...

I bet that is why he digs you though.