the funnies from this week

this week has been one of the hardest, most stressful weeks of my life... but even still - we have had a few good laughs. indulge me a few shares:
  • "wanna play horsey?" annie innocently asked connor, who proceeded to attempt to mount her from behind. she didn't know what to do about that. she sorta shoo-ed him off. garrett almost wet his pants laughing. it was widely inappropriate, but we've come to just accept the inappropriate things he says and does on lortab.
  • will's got this very deep dimple in his butt crack. i've paid extra attention to it because the kid poops like no other & if you're not careful, poop gets stuck up there. tonight in the tub, i was trying to show garrett - but willy was clenching so tight we couldn't get a peek.
  • "hey guys, we need to be careful of my brother!" will is nothing but protected by his brother. we might've hit a few play places this week for lunch... i know i know - swine flu. but i've been spraying their hands like crazy & i don't have many toys. 2 small boys need something to do. for the record - no one was not being careful of will - connor just protects him.
  • "they took it right out of my belly button!!!" you have to imagine garrett's doped up almost slightly retarded sounding voice saying that. and he says "buh-en" [so utah] instead of "but-ton." i mean, it is amazing that they could take that thing out of that little hole... but seriously, i've probably heard about it 100 times at least. and you should just be thankful you haven't had to see the bruise.
  • garrett might've told the day nurse, deedee, that he really, really likes her about 100 times, too. it might've stemmed from hating the 1st night nurse so much. but he really liked deedee. he said so many odd ball things to her... i'm sure she gets that crazy high talk all of the time, but still. she smiled at me a lot... as if to say, "don't worry, i know he's not retarded."
  • willy LOVES helicopters. he hit the jackpot coming to my house, which is right by airport 2... a small airport not to be confused with salt lake international. seriously makes will's day. we've spent much time out on the balcony waving and blowing kisses to the copters.
  • fred... is connor's pet rolly polly bug. even though connor is constantly sure that fred is either dying or dead, fred seems to be holding out. i'm just hoping he makes it until his mom comes home tomorrow... i don't want to have to deal with death. but fred is 3, too - so he should be able to survive another 24 hours.
  • "why do i like rhythmic motion so much?" this is another thing garrett has muttered more than a few times this week... he likes to rock - not bounce. at first, he thought it was bouncing... but then i demonstrated what bouncing is & he mimicked & found out that bouncing actually hurts. rocking doesn't.
  • jared nailed a few of garrett's best quotes from the night in the ER... i'm just going to copy & paste what jared shared. Jared: My favorite incoherent Garrett comments from your first night in the hospital:
    3. Doctor: "Hey, you're looking pretty good."
    Garrett: "You're looking pretty good!"
    2. Nurse: "You're young, you'll recover quickly."
    Garrett: "I have a lot of gray hair, though."
    1. Garrett: (after peeing in a cup for some lab work to be done, with strict orders to get at least 30 drops) "Where's my PEE?"
    Hayley: "The nurse took it and you did a good job, so she is happy."
    Garrett: "Why is she happy that she has my pee?" (thanks jared... those were good!)
  • garrett fuh-reaked when the ER nurse put the oxygen on him. he didn't see it coming & he was still in pain, but was getting pretty high. i swear, that nurse is lucky she wasn't strangled... it terrified him. i mean, it was probably the biggest over reaction i've ever seen.
  • will's look of terror! he thinks it's great fun to swing from my treadmill... he holds on to the handlebar & somehow manages to swing his legs out to a 90 degree angle. i swear, the kid's got turbo upper body strength. i guess he'd fallen once tonight while i was getting dinner ready. so the time i saw him do it, he was hanging & was a little cautious. well, he was going down [only about 3 inches - but he didn't know that] and the expression on his face was the best. pure terror. then he landed 3 inches later & was fine. but this time, i almost peed my pants.
ok, so maybe most of these things are just funny to me, but they're what kept me hanging in to survive the week. all in all, i'm thinking i'll be happy to have this week be over with. there were a few laughs in there, but i won't mind having all of the stresses be over with. oh & we went and weighed in today. i still managed to lose 2.6 pounds, bringing my grand total up to 9.4 pounds off. so suck it, appendicitis.


Mom said...

I am laughing. I know you have been having some good times over there. I just want next week to be normal. The weight loss is fantastic.

Tori said...

Fun to hear how your life is going among all the chaos. Way to hang in there. I thought they were funny.:)

Jennifer said...

Entertaining post! And CONGRATS on the weight loss. I love it..."suck it appendecitis"

Heather said...

I guess you did have quite the week didn't you? Wowser, 9 lbs you go Hayley.

Jared said...

Jennifer, we don't say "suck it." Thanks.

Elizabeth Ward. said...

Hayley, if you need to just chill out and hold a baby one of these days after school swing on over. I am starting to stress out about having all of our families here this weekend for the blessing. It is hard to get stuff done when Lil' Brother takes little 15 minutes naps all day.

9 lbs down! Whew!

Aimee said...

So glad you found things to laugh about during your not so fun week!

Suzanne said...

hehee! I'm glad you're finally able to laugh over these things. You'll have to ask Anne what I was like after a certain little procedure she took me to. Evidently, I'm hilarious when doped up. But here's my question: Is G. going to try to count his missing appendix towards pounds lost on WW?

Suzie said...

Just look at what I've missed this past week. Hope everyone is doing better.
And may I say you are a fabulous aunt!