food storage newbie

anyone out there an expert on food storage? i'm looking to start building our food storage... and right now i feel pretty clueless. i've got a couple of hand outs that i saved from a combined relief society & priesthood meeting in our ward from a few months ago.

i've been to the church's website - Provident Living - and i've found this food storage calculator.

but i want more. i want ideas about where and what to store things in. be specific, i don't know much about this, and am not going to go out and buy it all today, but i am going to start trying really hard to built up. please share websites, ideas, tips. it will be greatly appreciated.

[i'm going to add more and more links to this post as i find interesting things]

  • LDS Monthly Plan. I like the idea of this - doing smallish things every month.
  • I Dare You To Eat It - I went to the food storage guru, my sister Heidi. She recommended this website. She was giddy with excitement at my questions & I expect that she'll be sharing more with me soon, beyond this website.
  • Alpine Food Storage - thanks Kate! I will have to work on an order next month [already spent this month's budget]
  • Fun with Food Storage - thanks Karyn! it looks like they've got some bigger water containers. something i'll be looking for soon!
  • iPrepared blog - another one from Karyn. will have to spend time looking around there, thanks again!
  • Safely Gathered In - another blog that looks very resourceful. i'll have to be checking out their free printables! thanks again Karyn!
  • Food Storage Made Easy - i think i found this guy on my own - if i'm wrong, correct me & i'll give you credit.
  • Shelf Reliance - thanks Sarah - lots of good stuff on that site!!!
  • Preparedness Matters blog - thanks Eliane!
  • Mormon Food Storage blog - again, thanks Eliane... great resources!


caron said...

Macey's (and others) has a case lot sale every once in a while.
The church cannery is a great place,there's one in Sandy. I haven't been to the wet one (I'm not sure how to distinguish between them,one has flour and beans and the other has jams and salsa) but I've heard rave reviews. You can buy a little or a lot, it's the same price, so stocking up little by little won't be more expensive.
You could also establish a food storage fund that you contribute to every month, but go out and get supplies every 3 months or something.
And I'm sure you know this, but make sure you buy what you guys will actually eat. Because if you hate it, it will not get rotated or eaten ever.
Store non-food things too, like shampoo and toothpaste.
oh, and get water storage containers. I'm hoping for something with a spout for easier usage, but I'm still researching. my water got turned off once or twice at my house and I really wished that I had had that.
I think that's all. :) Sorry this is a novel.

rychelle said...

i see information all over the blogosphere, but i can't think of the specific blogs right now.
if i come across something that looks promising/interesting, i'll be sure to foward you a link.

Carter Fam said...

Yeah- you definitly have to take advantage of Macy's sales..they just had the 50 gallon water barrels for like $20 the other day. Start small would be my advise. Get your week supply then 2-3 week, month, 2 months and so on. I still don't have a year but we're getting there..
Also I get alot of my stuff from this lady in Highland:
Alpine Food Storage (Chirine Wadsworth) alpinefoodstorage.com
She runs her business out of her home and her prices are often times better than even Macy's!
Hope this helps.

Heather said...

Our sister Heidi is about the biggest pro I know. She would be a wonderful resource. You live in the best place for all that biz too.

Mom said...

"Store what you eat and eat what you store." Start with that in mind and get use to rotation. Look at your favorite recipes and make sure you could make them over and over without going to the store. It is fantastic that you are working on self reliance.

Karyn said...

I am no expert by any means, I am just getting started, but I have found a few realy great food storage blogs that I've started reading occasionally to get ideas & motivate me.


Good luck & have fun.

Sarah Young said...

I love, love , love the rotation system I have in my pantry. It's from shelf reliance and I included a link below. I helps me rotate all my canned goods that way you are constantly able to use and replenish without a big headache. Also a great space saver. I keep my cansolidator in the kitchen filled and have extra cans for backup in the basement. When I get into my downstairs stash to fill up my pantry I know it's time to go shopping.

Shop sales, use coupons and stock up when it's cheap... I don't know if they have Aldi's out there but that is a GREAT store for low prices.. I buy all my cream soups, flour, sugar, canned beans, etc there because it's cheap and great quality. Anyhoot, I really could write a book, but start with checking out shelf reliance. (A little spendy, but they too run promotions and sales. I took advantage of them and saved big when I purchased mine a few years ago!)


pammy said...

Jason Robey in our ward-- your old ward :( -- is a pro! I will email you over some stuff from his little demo that I went to last month ...

tiburon said...

Hayley I followed a fellow bloggers plan. She picked one item every week and then told us how much to purchase per family member.

I had a pretty good storage after about 3 months - and it didn't hurt us financially :)

Jamie said...


Anonymous said...

Our family loves shelfreliance and we learned to do what your mom has already suggested--store what you eat and eat what you store.
Besides what has already been mentioned, I have also gotten info from
Eliane, Nevada