shoulder update

my dad just called. he had an appointment with a specialist of some kind this morning... more than just his regular doctor. i'm kinda brain farting right now, cause i think i'm in shock. the only reason i'm going to be able to share any of this information is cause i made him tell me again, and i wrote it down.

  • he'll be having surgery at the latest by next friday.
  • there will be 6-9 months of "aggressive physical therapy" afterwards.
  • he has a ruptured bicep, which is what is causing the internal bleeding (his bruising started to heal a little, then got much worse earlier this week/last weekend)
  • he has a ruptured rotator cuff.
  • at least one tendon is completely snapped... another one is either torn or in the wrong place. they're going to do an MRI to figure out more.
  • his shoulder is out of its socket. not dislocated, but not where it should be.
i wish i could go home and take care of him right now. more than anything. this is devastating news to me... i was just going about my day off learning & researching more about weight watchers, cause we joined last night. now i think my day will be spent trying not to cry. it's not happening yet.


Katey said...

I'm so sorry. That's rough stuff! I'll pray for you both.

Carter Fam said...

I hope everything goes well with the surgery and therapy. I know it's hard to have family so far away especially in times like these.

Mom said...

I'm here to take very good care of him. At least we know now what the plan is.

Sarah Young said...

Poor Spike! I hope that he has a very speedy recovery! Hang in there Hayley!

Barb McLean said...

Oh no... that was some fall. I'm so sorry to hear this. Years ago I was playing football with all my grown kids and like the star athlete that I am I caught a pass... Mark then did a two hand tag (shove) on my back that sent me flying. Long story short, I pulled the hamstrings in both legs, and then when I hit the ground tore my rotator cuff. I am sympathizing with my poor wounded buddy big time! PS... did I tell you I didn't drop the pass? I think that's important info ;) I know Marleen will take such good care of him he'll wish he got hurt sooner. The things some men will do to get a little down time! Mike if you read this, We will be praying for you! Hayley I love how you love your dad!

Shelley~Maren said...

It's good that you know what's going on at least. Your mom will take excellent care of him, for sure. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers Hayls. *HUGS* feel better. He's going to be ok!

MiaKatia said...

I will be praying for your daddy too!

TheFirstWard said...

I didn't know his injury was so serious. We will pray for him too. We hope he has a speedy recovery.